About Us

Who we are

At AIR, we come to work each day to help our customers solve problems, and provide them peace of mind.  Integrity, Effective Communication, Care, Pride and Attention To Detail are in everything we do.  All companies advertise that they provide "Great Service".  We think that claim rings hollow, when the core reason for doing business doesn't focus on how all of our employees conduct themselves at, and away from work. 

When our customers suffer a loss, they are looking for a beacon of light to guide them through a difficult time.  When a disaster occurs, business or life as usual for our customers ceases.  Our job is to be that beacon.  We light the path to getting them back to "normal". 

We don't ever want to work for a customer who views our work as a commodity.  We work hard to build and maintain relationships.  We want to be viewed by our customers and partners as a company that cares, and that will provide prompt, courteous service at a moment's notice.  We seek out relationships with customers who place value ahead of price- reliability and commitment ahead of "low bidder".

We provide some of the greatest transparency in the industry through top quality staff & equipment, a constant focus on training, disciplined and documented processes, and cutting edge systems.  You can't measure what you don't track.  Our systems give us, and our customers real-time access to information, which helps with decision-making.


Founded in 2005, AIR was formed to provide compassionate, ethical, quality service to business and property owners who have suffered property damage.  In 2005, AIR was a "one man and a truck" operation.  Nearly 15 years, and 3 locations later, AIR is still providing comprehensive, compassionate, ethical service across southern New England.  Our partners and employees are committed to following our core values in the way we deliver care to our customers.

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