May Contain Asbestos Danger
07 Nov 2019

Is Asbestos the “Wonder Material”?

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Asbestos has been called “Wonder Material” for its many valuable qualities.  It is incredibly resilient to heat, and is a great insulator.  Asbestos has been used in insulation, brake pads, coatings and finishes. However, when exposed long-term via inhalation or ingestion, it can cause numerous health-related problems, which don’t present themselves until years down the road.  

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has many regulations in place for dealing with asbestos handling and disposal.  Although the EPA effectively banned the use of asbestos in products way back in 1989, it’s still available today in some products on store shelves.  China, India and Russia are still producing asbestos.  Up until the end of 2018, our neighbor to the north, Canada, was still using asbestos in the manufacturing of certain products.  So when we travel to the building supply store to purchase certain items, like drywall compound, it’s possible that we’re potentially being introduced to asbestos.  

As part of our business, American Integrity Restoration, performs lots of demolition, removal and cleaning of damaged building materials.  As a course of action to ensure we’re compliant with the EPA, the CT Dept of Public Health (DPH) and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), we are testing building materials when it’s possible we could disturb greater than 3 square feet of asbestos.  Many other companies are not taking the same precautions to protect their employees, their customers, and also to comply with the regulations.  AIR has chosen to take the lead on compliance, to ensure a positive outcome.  More often than not, test samples reveal that no asbestos is present.  That said, NOT testing at all is a risk that none of us should be willing to take.

Future articles will discuss what happens when we find asbestos. #airprepared

Additional Downloads:

DPH Asbestos Memo
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