Water Damage

Water Damage Clean Up and Restoration

AIR employs a courteous, expert staff ready for dispatch at a moment's notice, whether it's your home or business. 

Water is a common cause of loss, whether it be from a broken pipe, sprinkler, clothes washer, sewer, flood or ground water.  Our staff is trained to properly address the damage to make sure we keep it from getting worse.  Our quick action will prevent mold and bacteria from growing.

Trust AIR to respond to your water damage emergency in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

What to Expect After A Water Damage Emergency

After gathering information about the water damage, we will dispatch our crews to respond to your call in Connecticut, Massachusetts or Rhode Island. We don't just give a morning or afternoon block of time like some companies. We give you a specific time, or small window of time in which to expect us. We inform you every step of the way of what our recommendations are.
Upon arrival, our trained technicians will survey the damage and ensure that the scene is safe for all. We will collect data such as moisture readings, measurements and photos to make ensure that we have the most comprehensive drying plan and documentation available. This documentation helps you and your insurance company reconcile the damage. We evaluate your contents and belongings and can restore them to pre-loss condition.
We use the latest technology and drying equipment to remove water, wet building materials, and begin the drying process. We monitor the moisture readings of the building to make sure that your building won't have mold.
After the drying process is complete, we begin the comprehensive repair and restoration process. This process involves careful documentation of material colors and selections, to make sure no details are missed. We use a detailed scheduling and communication system to ensure that your project is completed on time, and on budget.