Containment and Environmental Services

Containment and Environmental Services

  • When you suffer a loss from any source, it can be traumatic.  If asbestos is discovered on your property during the damage inspection, it can add another layer of complexity and inconvenience to the project.
  • AIR is a licensed asbestos contractor in Connecticut, and we can refer you to a licensed asbestos contractor in MA or RI.  Long term exposure to asbestos can cause many long term health problems, so asbestos is not something to ignore on your property.

AIR teams are specially trained to show compassion while working in these tough environments. We clean, sanitize and remove odors.

What To Expect If Asbestos Is Suspected On Your Property

It is important to sample the suspected materials, as asbestos can be harmful to building occupants and contractors.
If the sampling comes back positive for asbestos containing materials (ACM), we follow State and Federal procedures for the removal of the asbestos.