Contents Cleaning, Restoration & Storage

Contents Cleaning, Restoration & Storage

AIR has invested in the technologies and employee training and certification that make it one of the foremost contents restoration authorities in the country. By carefully qualifying, testing and selecting the right restoration technology partners, we have assembled a world-class restoration services laboratory where we tackle some of the most challenging cleaning and restoration tasks. And just like our mitigation and reconstruction work, our contents cleaning work is completely guaranteed to be effective or you will not be charged.  AIR teams act quickly to remove your items from the contaminated area, and avoid corrosion or further damage.

AIR specializes in the cleaning and restoration of the following contents categories:

  • Soft goods: Patented, hydraulic action fabric cleaning
  • Hard goods: Ultrasonic cleaning of metals, glass, porcelain/china
  • Electronics: Disassembly and cleaning using deionized water and controlled drying.  AIR can restore your electronic items, such as computers, laptops, televisions and game consoles.

AIR teams are specially trained to show compassion while working in these tough environments. We clean, sanitize and remove odors.