AIR has specially-trained staff to deal with the many situations and complexities of biohazard clean up, including the fight against COVID-19. This specialized work requires cleaning, decontamination and sanitizing the area. Our skilled technicians perform this service at commercial & residential properties, healthcare facilities, apartments and condominiums in CT, MA & RI.

We are poised to respond to disinfect against Coronavirus and we are one of just a handful of companies in Connecticut with equipment capable of 100% efficacy against COVID-19. The technology is called SteraMist and it utilizes Binary Ionization Technology (BIT). Essentially this is a hydrogen peroxide-based mist and fog composed of ionized hydrogen peroxide (iHP) and was even deployed in the past to fight against EBOLA in West Africa, MERS in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and South Korea, and is now available and ready to attack Coronavirus and other emerging pandemic risks.

The application happens to be fairly economical, simple, leaves no residue, does not harm electronic equipment, and you can re-enter treated areas in minutes, rather than hours.

Routine Janitorial services are NOT the answer, unfortunately. Additionally, other cleaning agents may cause permanent damage to surfaces if not applied correctly.  One item of importance is "contact time", and is an issue that few are aware of - you cannot just "spray and wipe" and expect anything to be accomplished. Lysol disinfectant spray, for example, has a recommended surface contact time of 10 Minutes. You'd have to spray, WAIT 10 minutes, and THEN wipe the surface for any efficacy. As a result, we've invested in this technology and used SteraMist in hospital rooms, ambulances, police cars, colleges and universities, and multifamily housing due to the fact that complete odor removal is a beneficial byproduct.